Urgent Appeal For New Project

Brothers and Sisters, Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

With the grace of Allah (swt) Jamia Islamia Birmingham is serving the deen of Islam in various ways since its establishment. So far it has provided
more than 100 Huffaz and Ulama’s and many who have achieved higher degrees in general education.

Jamia’s management, staff and graduates are serving the community in the best possible way. Many of the English speaking imams and maktab/madrasa teachers are from Jamia Islamia. Similarly many of the Huffaz who lead Taraweeh
during the month of Ramadhan are the graduates of Jamia Islamia.

As you are aware that Jamia Islamia is a fulltime madrasa which provides Islamic education up to the higher level (Dawra-e-Hadith) and it is also a
registered secondary school.

Due to the increasing demand from people locally and nationally in order to expand the facilities and services the Jamia has purchased the plot next door
for the sum of £500,000.

“Various ways to support this noble cause & invest for the hereafter”

Donate £5000 to prepare a room which will be named after the donors or their loved ones name

• The price of the whole plot is £500,000 therefore the plot is divided into 500 units and the price of each unit is £1000. You may donate the price of one unit.

• You may donate £250 for the area of a prayer mat.

• Donate £150 for the area of one sqaure metre of land

• Give Qardh-e-Hasana a minimum of £2000 which will be paid back within a maximum of 4 week notice.

To the benefit of : Jamia Islamia Birmingham
Barclays Bank
Sort Code: 20-44-22
Account No: 60668702


IBAN GB95 BARC 2044 2260 6687 02

Fallows Road, Sparkbrook
B11 1PL

Brothers and Sisters
Masajid and Madaris are run only with the grace of Allah (swt) and sincere support of the generous people. Your Jamia Islamia is in great need of your sincere duas and support. Please come forward to support the Jamia, Allah (swt) will help you in your need.

(Maulana) Md Rezaul Haque
Principal, Jamia Islamia Birmingham


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